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To become a successful writer, a thirst for writing is far more essential than thirst for success

Writing is an art where its easy to define success in terms of what others say about your writing. You write an article and it immediately gets a 100K views within a few minutes? You then start thinking about yourself as a "smart and successful writer", you suddenly get a certain amount of confidence and self-esteem even though the reasons your article got those clicks may have nothing to do with your writing skills!

All forms of "Writer's Block" can be traced to one of these: The Inspiration problem and the Input problem

Writing is hard, there is no doubt about it. The internet keeps generating lots of noise every second which sort of gives the impression that a lot of "writing" is happening but really, how many best-sellers do you see pop up every day or how many truly successful professional writers have you met?

Unpopular Opinion: Ad-Blockers bring down the quality of content and resources on the Internet by taking away the incentive from content creators

In general, most people hate it when they see Adsense ads on the internet, so they install blockers which block these ads. They do this in order to stop being "nagged" by ads. They also hate it when an open source project on github asks them for donation, again they don't want to be "nagged" by them so they simply press the "I don't want to donate" or "I've already donated" button.

Four Proven Monetization Techniques For Open Source Developers

Let's face it, an open source programmer who contributes code to the community isn't generally motivated by money (unless she works at a "FOSS friendly" firm such as Red Hat or Canonical). In fact, she doesn't even know about how to monetize or earn income by contributing to that development which she so rightly deserves, assuming its a highly used product and many people use it.

Writing contract winning proposals is more of an art than science

While writing a bid or proposal for winning a contract on Fiverr or Upwork, its always important to consider what kind of audience you are writing to. Competition has increased tremendously on all freelance platforms these days but it is still possible to win contracts if you make the effort to reach out your client and convey your honesty and determination to fulfill her requirements.

Wish to become a pro writer one day? Sometimes, you need to run before you can walk!

The Marvel cinematic universe and the Iron Man generation must be quite familiar with this seemingly offhand remark by Iron Man (aka Tony Stark) but there is quite a witty and deeply philosophical meaning in it.

Write, Write and Write should be your Mantra - Procrastination is the Writer's only enemy in 90% of cases

I've observed that most of the difficulty while "trying to write" lies in the fact that it is seemingly so difficult or even impossible to pull yourself over to that desk or computer. But once you reach that place and make yourself comfy, words seem to flow magically out of their own, as if some hidden springs have been suddenly unleashed across some unknown areas of your subconscious, and ideas and inspirations are just itching to come out of those springs!

Blogging is a great way for freelancers to leverage or supplement their income

Everyone isn't an expert or specialist in the freelancing world, and even the so-called experts have to bow down before the gods of supply and demand in the freelance market. The truth is that 90% of us freelancers are just average or mediocre, and that's probably never going to change.