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Coronavirus beats common sense: The mystery of more viral spread of disease in western nations like Italy and France compared to developing nations like India and Bangladesh

According to the latest statistics of the COVID-19 Outbreak Map , Italy has over 47,000 positive cases of Coronavirus disease and France has about 12,000. However, India has only 236 and Bangladesh has only 20! Mexico and South Africa have 164 and 202 respectively.

Dwindling ethics and lack of transparency are key reasons for crisis in Indian banking sector

First PMC Bank scam occurred few months ago due to bad lending to HDIL and now Yes Bank has also been hit. RBI has placed a withdrawal limit of INR 50,000 for each depositor, so naturally, they are lining up outside the Yes Bank. These incidents clearly show that all is not well with the Indian financial sector and all the checks and balances aren't working as well as they should be.

The Congress Presidency problem can be solved using the Udupi Monastery formula

According to recent reports, the race to Presidency in Congress Party  has become a heated topic of discussion these days. Its no secret that many people don't trust the existing Gandhi family members to provide vision and leadership to the party. But the problem is that who will be the new leader and Party President?

One Richard Stallman isn't enough, we need a lot more to save individual freedoms in computing

We live in a world full of materialist and greedy capitalists who don't give a crap about individual liberties and freedoms.

A good coder almost always needs a good coordinator or leader to make a project successful

Success in project management is always a team effort. Individual coders, testers, designers, etc. can't achieve a lot if there is friction in their coordination or communication, however talented they may individually be.

Agile Cross Functionality: Coders should indulge more in Discipline, Testers in Technology

Cross-functional teams are the latest buzzword in the Agile industry these days. Everyone should know about everything in a team to the extent that its possible to know. People should be able to switch hats from a coder to tester or tester to build guy on demand to the extent that its possible to switch.