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Five ways to tackle burnouts and disappointments due to working from home for engineers

Many IT Professionals are complaining about the burnout and inconveniences due to working from home these days. Ever since the lock down began in March, people who were initially enjoying working from home are now having second thoughts about it.

COVID-19 is a great teacher of compassion, cooperation and honesty to humanity

Almost everyone in this world must be loathing and cursing Coronavirus right now but looking at it philosophically, we humans have a lot to learn from this pandemic. People already seem to know it internally and many are talking aloud that the post COVID-19 world will never be the same again.

Google is the best college and StackOverflow is the best professor

So a guy on LinkedIn was reminiscing today about his wasted college days, how bad his professors were, college facilities were, etc. That's generally typical of a tier-3 Indian city.

Working From Home: How to declutter the chaos and start focusing on work

Working from home is not only the new trend these days but literally the only way you can work as stringent lockdowns and social distancing have become the need of the hour in our combined fight against COVID-19.