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Notes on using Blogosphere as a Reddit alternative

You may think of the blogosphere as a more decentralized and magnanimous version of Reddit which might be lacking in things like organization and searching but wins hands down when it comes to content quality and quantity. The "blogosphere platform" is organic in nature Now, one might wonder how come the blogosphere is more content rich than reddit which has so many mods and admins patrolling the subs and removing posts every now and then. On Blogosphere, the content quality is maintained organically, the user (audience) maintains the quality by her decision to visit and read a blog post (or not), decision to comment on that blog post, decision to share that link across on other social media platforms like reddit, quora, etc. These decisions, in turn, affect the search engine's priority for that particular blog post link. Google will either accept or reject that link in the ranking algorithm and Google's decision is usually correct, especially when it comes to ranking

On depression, loneliness, judgment and trust

We increasingly live in a world of political correctness. It all starts with judging other people: your colleagues, subordinates and bosses, friends and sometimes even your own relatives. When one starts judging other people then he/she becomes fearful of others being judgmental on him/her too, and starts treading extremely cautiously everywhere. Trust and Faith in other humans is getting lost at both individual and family/group/community level. The world is no longer the ideal of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam (वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम) that it once was. And as the world shifts away from that ideal, the curse of depression starts making an entry. In circa early 1990s started the era of nuclear families in India. These days, it has gotten much worse, its the era of loneliness and depression. People are more and more trying to live in their own eco-chambers instead of having a dialogue with others. Few renowned people including a famous actor committed suicide recently, these are just symptoms of someth