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Writing during times of stress and emotional turmoil

Writing doesn't come out easily when the mind is distressed or depressed about something, your whole thinking power is occupied by that one worrying thought which tries to monopolize over all other emotions of the psyche. There is fear of losing something or some work not getting done, then there is anger or even a touch of hatred toward those responsible for halting your work, there could be annoyance and sadness too.

Writing is like Meditation

Both writing and meditation involve taking thoughts as the raw material and processing them in various ways. In mindfulness meditation, we try to observe them calmly as they rise and fall like waves. With writing, we try to document them after focusing them toward a certain direction. Or in some cases like free style writing practice, we don't try too hard for a topic or direction, we just let them flow as in the case of mindfulness meditation. Hence, free style writing has a lot in common with mindfulness meditation than other forms of writing.