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The Agile Manifesto has a wording problem which creates needless confusion

The Agile Manifesto which is canonically defined on the website is unfortunately not worded properly. It is a source of unnecessary confusion, ambiguity and conundrum which could have been easily avoided. As it stands, Agile Manifesto is a collection of following four aphorisms which try to define the intention behind the idea of Agile but the use of the term "over" gives ambiguous signals to the reader. 1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. 2. Working software over comprehensive documentation. 3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. 4. Responding to change over following a plan. As you know, "over" is often used to convey "instead of" in common spoken English language. For example, when someone says "I prefer X over Y", they mean to say that can do away with Y if they have X. But that's certainly not what was intended with the Agile statements! A software firm is never going to throw a