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Breaking of two NPM libraries show that everything isn't right in FOSS ecosystem

As if COVID-19 and political events weren't enough to raise havoc in the life of already disturbed netizens, the netizens had to face one more setback today as some little known developer named Marak suddenly decided to pull the plug on two npm libraries he happened to control namely, colors and faker , causing multiple npm builds to fail across the world, and the Gods of the heavens screaming their wrath on the poor plebeians!

Let's Reclaim the Blogosphere NOW!

The demise of Technorati in 2016 marks the Epoch when the era of small blogs by indie bloggers came to an end, and the age of large social media giants and greedy corporations began, as that's where most of the internet traffic started moving towards from then on.

The state of freelance transcription as career in a dynamically evolving job market

Ever since AI and machine learning algorithms started churning their nuts and bolts almost a decade ago, projects became very hard to come by, especially for freelancers or independent contractors who had just started. Data Entry jobs were already gobbled up by OCR/MICR software long since and now automation has started doing the same in other areas like programming and scripting, book-keeping and accountancy, etc.