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Unable to find the inspiration or mood for writing? Try this simple and effective technique

I've recently read about this technique in a book and like to share the same with you. Frankly, I'm not an expert or wizard in writing, English isn't even my first language. I'm just a mediocre blogger who simply writes to try and make a living. The problem at hand was to consistently create content for my blog because that's absolutely essential in order to keep your blog alive. I think if I can write about a topic then just about anyone can do it!

The power of rituals and how to use it to solve your problems

One of the biggest problems faced by a beginner freelancer is often the motivation problem, especially if you happened to work in a day job before.

The Procrastinator and the Victim - Two Biggest Enemies Of Creativity

Human being is a fountain of creativity and creative energy, yet why do we have so few highly talented writers, bloggers, artists, etc? Each one of us has tremendous potential to do great things, if you think about it. In many trades (especially ones like freelancing), 90% of success is simply showing up!