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What killed Drupal?

Drupal has been one of the most active and vibrant projects of last two decades, and especially the D6 and D7 iterations had sort of created a robust ecosystem and community of their own. These days, we don't hear much about Drupal ever since D8 version came out, so what happened to it?

Security, Seclusion and Infrastructure - Three things needed for a successful WFH Experience

Both companies and personnel are struggling to create desirable working from home (WFH) experiences in order to get their work done and salaries flowing since last few months. In this article, we look at three important factors needed to achieve this desirable experience.

PHP and the politics surrounding the dollar sign

Many centuries ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth and 4G LTE technology was unheard of, politics was thankfully limited to economic policies at best and perhaps religious debates at worst.

Freelance Trust Protocol: How freelancers and clients can trust each other in a perilous world

Many freelancers and clients complain about trust issues and possibility of the other turning out to be a scammer or dubious person. In this article, we will examine some means of examining the honesty and integrity of the other party before rewarding them a project or alternatively, deciding to dedicate our time and energy on their project as a freelancer.

How to maintain two different WhatsApps for each number on a Dual SIM smart-phone

WhatsApp is a remarkable messaging app of our times used by millions of users globally to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. However, it has one serious limitation.

Freelance Programming - Strategy, Tactics and Actions

As a self employed freelancer, you're like a small firm or startup in yourself. You must not only manage things in several areas or departments but also plan, strategize and act accordingly. You may not be an expert in all areas right from the beginning but become skilled by gaining experience as time passes. Below are the major areas or departments where one needs to apply strategic planning and devise tactics to achieve your goals: