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Organization Of Complexity: A Five Step Implementation for Freelancers

Life is complex, there are a wide variety of problems you must face in life and career, and especially so in freelancing. As a freelance programmer, for instance, you cannot simply be a one domain expert like your colleagues doing 9 to 5 jobs are.

Pomodoro And EBS: Two Classical Techniques To Measure A Developer's Productivity

Pomodoro and EBS (Evidence Based Scheduling) can be useful to both employers and freelancers (or even regular employees). A project is composed of a number of milestones, and a milestone is composed of a number of tasks.

Cultivating Sincerity And Humility: Two Tools To Ensure Long Term Success In Your Freelancing Career

As a freelance programmer, approaching a client, marketing your skills to them, writing a proposal and executing a job is a science in itself. How you communicate with your clients, the content of your every email or Skype/WhatsApp message determines to some extent your success or failure in client retention and freelancing in the long run.

Hiring Freelancers Online: Exposing The Myths And Superstitions

Hiring freelancers and getting work done from them remotely is a very efficient and cost-effective strategy for employers, especially those who are startups and small businesses.

Hiring Freelancers The Right Way By Avoiding Costly Fees On Popular Platforms

If you are an employer looking online for freelance talent to get your work done, be it programmers, designers, testers or anyone else, chances are that being cost-effective or efficient is one of your reasons.