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Understanding Free Will vs Determinism with Flowchart analogy: The Compatibilist view

My earlier article titled   "Free Will is an illusion"   provoked a thoughtful discussion on the   philosophy subreddit   from which I learned a lot, but then later it was removed. And quite understandably so because absolute determinism is a frightening thought for most humans, our freedom to   "will"   sort of defines who we are as humans and people can easily get intolerant towards any other alternative views.

Pastime 101: HUGE List of Ideas for passing time when you are bored

There are periods in life when you have "a time to kill" and just don't know what to do. Maybe you are alone at home for a while or you are at office and there is no work today. In those situations, you end up getting bored and the mind goes on "auto-pilot" choosing to do anything at random which may or may not be of your liking. Below are some ideas to consciously decide and choose what to do in those situations!

"Free Will" is an illusion: Your Life runs on a pre-destined Trajectory

People are usually under the impression that they have some kind of "free will" or volition, as in they are independent to do anything they wish (to the extent of using their motor functions or practical abilities). But do you have any concrete evidence of such a free will existing, all you have is a feeling that you are the doer or cause of the signals being sent to your motor functions through your nervous system.

How to maximize happiness in life with DMU Philosophy and avoiding repetitive patterns

The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility (DMU) in Economics has deep philosophical implications and if applied wisely, has the potential to bring drastic and positive changes to your life. The original idea existed long before classical economics formalized as a body of knowledge, of course. The ancient Sanskrit phrase, अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत्  ( Ati sarvatra varjayet or anything in excess is bad) is a very simplistic expression of this exact same truth.