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How to filter out bad clients like a pro - A guide for freelancers

Whether its Upwork, Guru, Freelancer or any other marketplace, bad clients abound in numbers and at this time, they probably even outnumber the good ones by a good margin!

The Best Advice To Freelancers And Digital Nomads: Have A Good Night's Sleep!

If you are one of those freelance programmers or writers who are so obsessed with their work that they keep postponing their sleep, then stop doing it instantly. In the long run, its going to be a losing deal, both for your health and the freelance business.

Increase your worth as a freelancer by providing value, not by indulging in price wars

On sites like Upwork, freelancers have become a fully fledged commodity these days. The client doesn't care that I communicate timely in good english, nor do they care that I provide readable and maintainable code which is thoroughly tested. Most of them are only interested in one statistic:

How To Break The Impostor Syndrome - A Guide For Freelance Programmers

Tech evolves fast, especially in web development. First it was jquery and backbone, then came angular and react, tomorrow it could be something else. Not just that, but each project that lands on your freelancing desk could have a varying degree of complexity.

Full Stack vs Expert: The Freelancer's Dilemma

To specialize in one area or be a generalist is one of the most important decisions to take when you start freelancing (especially web development) and it's not easy to take. When you work in a day job, you typically don't have to worry about specialization as you are given a task or milestone by your managers or leads based on your general profile or skills.