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You can sleep soundly only when you can get rid of stress and for that you must understand your Mind

My earlier article about the 6M-R-N Formula focused on using techniques like meditation and herbs to get rid of stress and sleeplessness. Presently, I want to elaborate on how stress accumulates and why you are unable to sleep soundly as long as the poison of stress keeps circulating in your mind.

How to fix your sleeplessness problem by ending the "thought loop"

In this article, we will explore how to fix the sleeplessness problem by using natural methods like meditation and herbs. I've observed that in 99% of cases, sleeplessness occurs because of the never ending "thought loop" which keeps on running as a result of constant worry or stress. As long as the loop runs on the tapes of your thoughts (usually extremely negative ones), you never get to sleep at night because the thoughts never let you sleep! That is until the next morning or so when every muscle in your body gets so tired and exhausted that even processing a thought seems like climbing a mountain.